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A 2013 New Year roundup

Last weekend’s Fiscal Cliff Roundup preempted a planned New Year Roundup, so let’s get to it before the Ides of January has passed.

Kelly at The Centsable Life wrote Resolute in 2013, dividing her goals amongst Family, Money, Life, and Work. I think that’s a great approach, lest we forget what a balanced life is all about.

At How I Save Money.net Lulu posted her To Do List For 2013. A nice mix from the different life groups. Goals included Money, Relationships, Self-Improvement, and Prayer. Lulu wrote, “I want to work my way up to being able to run a little bit because I am tired of seeing the other people in the gym running next to me on the treadmills.” I’ll offer her some advice. Walk. Walk until you can go well over an hour, and pick up your pace. At some point, just jog a bit. Even alternating a one minute jog, and five minutes of walking, will eventually turn into five minutes jogging, then ten, and before you know it, you’re running an hour at a time. Just stick with it.

One Frugal Girl offered not a resolution but a single goal, the Serenity Prayer – God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. – Personal goals are just that, personal, and the achievement of this wish seems great to me.

Divya, posting at Nerd Wallet, offered New Year, New You: Financial Literacy Workshops, a list which covers locations from the four corners of our country, maybe you’ll attend one near you.

At Personal Dividends, Miranda Marquit asks (and answers) Why Is Making Resolutions So Important in Our Culture? She doesn’t offer her own this year, but shares some greats thought on how to formulate your own goals.As always, some great insight from Miranda.

Hank Coleman offered his New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You A Ton Of Money. Eight specific things you might target. Me, I can ignore the “Quit Smoking,” a gross habit I never picked up. Check out Hank’s list and see which ideas you might use for your own goals.

And to wrap up this week, Mighty Bargain Hunter’s John Wedding wrote Our personal finance plan for 2013 and beyond, a look back at his family’s struggles in 2012.

If you visit and comment on any new-to-you blogs, tell them Joe sent you!

  • Hank January 13, 2013, 8:48 am

    Thanks for the mention, Joe. I really appreciate it. This year I’m trying to tone down my drinking to save money.

  • Shawn @ PipsToday February 7, 2013, 2:09 am

    I am familiar with Hank Coleman and a daily visitor of his blog but rest all are fresh tips, suggestion and blogs for me. I read all posts but “One Frugal Girl” captured my attention.

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