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Welcome! Most of my writing is NOT about crazy card deals! I discuss Taxes, Investing, Retirement, Frugality, and a number other topics.  With all the interest in the Roth IRA, I recently launched RothMania to focus on this important topic. Check out the site and ask any questions you wish. I write a few articles each year at Stock Options Cafe.

I am the father of an 18 year old girl, a husband, puppy owner, and financial blogger under the name JoeTaxpayer. I affectionately call them Jane and Jane 2.0 or J2, in case you catch me tweeting these names. My wife doesn’t read me, but I was careful to explain this in case I ever accidentally called her ‘Jane’ out loud.

My Twitter handle is JoeTaxpayerBlog

I am a moderator at the Usenet group misc.taxes.moderated which was around decades before Google was created.

I was a guest blogger at TurboTax, and the FTC wants you to know I was compensated for that.

I also guest authored at H&R Block.

This is not my day job, I have a love for numbers, and aced the Math SATs (A standardized test required for many colleges in the US) scoring an 800. The love of numbers transferred to a love of learning about finance.


If you got this far and were planning to leave a comment, please see above, the tab for “Guest Posting.” ’nuff said.

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