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An End of Q1 2013 Roundup

This week Michael Kitces wrote about The Taxation Of Social Security Benefits As A Marginal Tax Rate Increase? A great take on the Phantom Tax Rate Zone I discussed at Rothmania. It’s great to see this discussed by others as I believe it’s one of the financial timebombs waiting to catch people who are unaware how it will affect them.

At Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, Barb tells us why we should not be Victims of Mental Accounting. You know what it is, it’s when you treat that Christmas bonus as found money, or perhaps when we treat found money as any less important than money we’ve earned.

Don’t Just Complain. At I Pick Up Pennies, a bit of advice on looking at the positive customer service experiences you might have and stopping to acknowledge it now and then.

Financial Finesse Blog broke the news of Another Celebrity Bankruptcy… It’s a shame when anyone’s finances are so bad they need to file bankruptcy, but when it’s a celebrity who had a great career, it’s doubly sad, years of bad money management.

Neal Frankle wrote What is the Average Retirement Age….and a Surprise. It’s more than just an answer to this average, Neil offers advice on the four questions you must answer to know what your retirement goals are.

Last – a look ahead – Stephanie the Blogger is raising money in the annual Walk for Hunger, and tomorrow, I’ll introduce it with a special guest post and matching challenge.

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