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A Bull*** Roundup

This week, let’s start the roundup with S*** is F***ed up and Bulls***. This not safe for work article (actually, just the full title is NSFW, the content is great) is by Sam at Financial Samurai. It’s taken from the signs many of those Occupying Wall Street are holding. Unfortunately the occupiers aren’t really good at elaborating on the problems, nor suggesting the possible solutions. Sam, on the other hand will tell you, point by point what’s f’ed up, sorting the particulars by topic: government power abuse, taxation discrimination, human rights violations, integrity compromised, corporate abuse, and work & career injustices. A list worth reading, and you are a Wall Street Occupier, you might want to adopt it, and focus your message a bit more precisely.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog says Bye Bye Penny and Random Thoughts. Canada has lead the way, they have officially canceled the penny. Later this year they will stop minting new pennies. Will the US be far behind? Will the mint make them just for collectors as part of the annual coin sets? Will we miss them?

This week Miranda Marquit discussed How Much House Can You Afford? which is a great question. She offers some great guidelines to avoid going overboard, buying a house that’s a bit over the line.

At the Mighty Bargain Hunter, Talking about money? Please do! Somehow money has become a bit taboo, along with sex, religion and politics. There are things friends and family might choose not to share, but MBH feels it’s good to talk about money and I agree. There’s always something to learn, something to share when it comes to this topic.

And to wrap it up, at Money Help for Christians, When Helping Goes Terribly Wrong: The Risk of Giving.  A personal story from Craig, with examples about how it’s not always easy to help others and get a good outcome. Helping doesn’t always turn out the way one would hope.

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