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The Domino Effect – Why Private Equity Does What it Does?

A guest Post – In an earlier post titled The Domino Effect, Joe describes the buyout of Domino’s Pizza by Bain Capital and their subsequent exit that left Domino’s saddled with debt. Bain made out with a 500% return on their investment. Joe questioned if this transaction, and indeed many other transactions like this, show [...]

The Domino Effect

I consider myself a capitalist. As Larry Kudlow states on his CNBC show,”We believe that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!” And yet, there are times that I see certain situations that make me wonder if the system isn’t broken. Which leads me to ask the question, if something is legal, does [...]

The Recession is Over

The recession lasted 18 months and just as we didn’t know there was a recession until we were well into it, we are now told it ended in June 2009. I was thinking back to my post last July, Dennis Kneale Recovery in which I remarked that he had declared the bottom was behind us, [...]

Estate Planning 101

In another guest post on Good Financial Cents, today I offer the first of a two part article on Estate Planning. In today’s installment, I discuss Wills, Beneficiaries, and Probate. Whatever your age, good estate planning is something you shouldn’t avoid, it’s the right thing to do to protect your family as well as the [...]

A Financial Goodbye

A few weeks ago Mrs. Micah published a post discussing the financial list that you should create for those who leave behind, titled How to Save and Store Critical Financial Information For Your Family. Ever since I read that I’ve been thinking about her post as well as my own On my death, please take [...]

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