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How to Save Money with a Newborn

Babies are expensive. They go through a lot of diapers, baby wipes and clothes. These expenses can be a lot to handle for young parents or those that are already on a tight budget. You can be frugal and still enjoy life. Saving money is important, especially when you have a fast growing newborn that [...]

Frugal Friday Week 50

Today’s subtitle is CVS VS RiteAid deathmatch. I used to be a casual CVS shopper. Bath tissue, toothpaste, the usual stuff. Then I met (on line, of course) Erica who hearts CVS. And after following her site for a bit, I upped my game. By knowing as many as 3-4 weeks ahead of sale, it [...]

Frugal Friday Week 49

Rebates. Love them or hate them, they are a business model that many companies have made permanent. This snapshot is from the excellent site Ben’s Bargains. Ben aggregates deals of all kinds, so when I’m in the market for a bigger hard drive, for example, I’ll lurk awhile and see what kind of deal I [...]

Frugal Friday Week 48

A DIY woodsplitting Friday, actually. Every so often, we’d have a tree that needed to come down, either for safety or aesthetic reasons. About 6 years ago, it occurred to me (It took that long? Yes.) that I was paying one guy to cut a tree down and haul it off and another guy to [...]

Frugal Friday Week 47

The week in which I mention my very odd interaction with Staples. It all started with this coupon. Wait. It all started with a new TI calculator. High School students I’ve been working with are using a pretty high end TI calculator, either the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator or the newer nSpire CX. These bad [...]

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