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Money Management Involves Heeding the Message

A Guest Post from Crystal - The level of debt amongst ordinary American citizens suggests that few are really good at managing money. While no one is suggesting it is always easy there are a few pointers that might be able to help you whatever your age. The tendency for people to spend what they [...]

Be Sure to Have Fun Gambling

A guest post from Crystal - Do you realize that much of our fun is purely dependent on our mental attitude at the time? I tend to be quite competitive at times. When I play sports, if I don’t check myself then I am often out there to win, not to merely have fun. And [...]

Things to Remember While Dealing With Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

A guest post on Structured Settlements, a topic I've not yet discussed -  Structured settlements are basically a regular flow of compensation money that a person might be entitled to and receive after he wins a lawsuit, or after an accident or in any other forms of compensation. These bring in a steady flow of [...]

Before You Buy, Factor the True Cost of Black Friday Gifts

A Pre Black Friday Guest Post - Black Friday and its adorable kid brother, Cyber Monday, are almost upon us. In just a few days, consumers across the country will be lining up to stampede into stores and grab the year's best deals. If you're the kind of person who tracks prices, it's hard to [...]

5 Useful Tax Tips for College Students

A Guest Post from Ryan - Being in college, the whole money-management and doing your own taxes thing can feel cumbersome. You may get the “final exam” feel while doing it, but the difference here is that this test involves money. However, with a bit of research and preparation from your end can make things [...]

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