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Warning Signs of Poorly Managed Finances

Today's guest post is from Noreen Ruth - Warning signs are everywhere with some so downright hilarious that the seriousness of the issue is lost in the hilarity. For example, “Not intended for human consumption” was a warning on a bottle of bubble bath. Or this one found on the packaging for a set of [...]

10 Cities With Most Expensive Auto Insurance rates

A Guest Post today from my friend Crystal - No-fault states often require that people purchase much more auto insurance than tort states, so it’s not a surprise that nine of the ten cities with the most expensive auto insurance rates are in two no-fault states. The following 10 cities have higher auto insurance rates [...]

View Your Investments as you Would a Business

A Guest Post today - Treating your investments as anything less than a business is a mistake. Following advice of your broker isn't always bad, but just like in business you should see a return on your investments and most brokers have interests that might not align with yours. If you have found yourself losing money, then [...]

Aunty’s Perspective on Real Estate in Hawaii

A guest post today from Aunty - There are several ways to invest in real estate. Pants on fire! The one that gets the most attention is buying low and selling higher for a profit. This is called “flipping” and this method is fast and exciting with potentially high rewards in a relatively short period [...]

The Good, Bad and Ugly of DIY Financial Advice

A guest Post from Tim Aldiss - Financial regulations are always put in place with the intention of lending further transparency to decision making processes. However, the eventual results do not always mirror the initial vision. Although providing a new breed of qualified investment advice may help investors avoid financial pitfalls, many individuals are now [...]

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