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How to Make Money While Traveling

Today, a guest post from Crystal – Many of us dream about hitting the road or traveling the globe… ideally without sapping our savings dry! To travel while working is the ultimate lifestyle. Here are some ways you can explore the world while still earning a living. Freelance Thanks to the internet and the rise [...]

Time to Raise The Minimum Wage?

President Obama recently called for an increase in the minimum wage, from the current $7.25 to $9.00 per hour. I found two charts to be of interest in furthering this discussion. First, the minimum wage as a percent of poverty level income. This graph helps illustrate how those earning only minimum wage have failed to [...]

A Drop in Most American’s Income

Last week we looked at A Drop in Most American’s Net Worth. Indeed, the median was down by 39% and the average, just under 15%. This was for the three year period from 2007-2010. Now, let’s look at income over the same period. Charts are nice, but let me spell out the numbers, the median [...]

The Poor Millionaire

In this past Sunday’s roundup I cited Bargaineering’s post which discussed a guy who had trouble on a million dollar income. I missed the original article when it was posted a year ago, Getting By on $1,000,000 a Year, by James Altucher. In his article he discusses how his friend (Mike) just had a million [...]

The Stagnant Median Income

I’ve always been intrigued by data, statistics, and how the numbers are interpreted. I look at this chart of inflation-adjusted median income and it seems we have stagnated the last dozen years or so. Over the 42 years represented in this chart, real income has increased by less than 25%, or about 1/2%/yr compounded over [...]