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Avoiding Taxes While Building Wealth For You and Your Family

Today, a guest post from my friend, Crystal. It can be difficult to make confident financial plans when you have a family. Most of us find family life busy and challenging. Oftentimes money is in too short supply. If this is familiar to you, you may not find the time or purpose in thinking about building [...]

Influences on the Cost of Auto Insurance

A Guest Post today – Most states in the country require drivers to either carry liability insurance minimums, or to carry bonds that prove they can financially afford driving without it, should an accident occur. Cost of insurance per individual depends on a number of factors. These factors are called risks. The car that you [...]

Life Insurance: For Old Folks Only?

A Guest Post today from Crystal – Life insurance is little more than an afterthought for many young people. With their entire lives ahead of them, few if any responsibilities and minimal consideration of their own mortality, life insurance seems like little more than a way to waste money and not have fun because of [...]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

I’ve seen enough murder mysteries for my gut reaction to be, “Enough so your family won’t need to sell the house, drop out of high school, and move to van down by the river; But not so much they are happy to see you in the casket, or worse, conspire to put you there.” While [...]

10 Cities With Most Expensive Auto Insurance rates

A Guest Post today from my friend Crystal – No-fault states often require that people purchase much more auto insurance than tort states, so it’s not a surprise that nine of the ten cities with the most expensive auto insurance rates are in two no-fault states. The following 10 cities have higher auto insurance rates [...]

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