Oct 31

Of all the potential problems life can serve up to us, money problems rank among the most stressful without a doubt. Ruminating about mounting debt, having trouble paying bills, knowing we are making bad choices can do quite a number on us mentally. If denial is no longer doing it for you, and you are ready to move towards a more ordered financial life, here are some helpful strategies to get you there.

Do a Mental Purge

One of the reasons we let our money troubles get so out of hand is our tendency to push our troubles out of our minds and go into denial mode. Obviously on some level, we are aware of the damage, but so long as we don’t fully face up, we can continue to divert our attention elsewhere.

Actually thinking about the situation for too long is unpleasant to say the least, but this refusal to think about it is just prolonging the suffering. One of the first steps in righting your money wrongs is doing a mental purge of all your worries and problems. Face them head on. This is very powerful.

So, bust out a pen and paper—this is more powerful than just typing it out—and write down all the stuff that has been floating around in your head. What money worries are you currently dealing with? What do you fear will happen now, or in the future because of these problems? Don’t hold back..just let it all out.

What Will Provide Immediate Relief?

You didn’t get into a financial mess overnight, and you can’t expect to clean it up this quickly either. But, don’t focus too much on the whole picture—it will just make you feel super-bummed, and your motivation will drain very quickly. Think about what you can do immediately to provide some relief.

Perhaps there are some inaccuracies with your credit report that need your attention. If they are bigger issues, or you don’t have the time to stay on top of the process, it might be a good idea to find a reputable credit repair company to assist you in correcting these errors. If you haven’t filed your taxes, do so, and once the bill comes, call the IRS to discuss a payment plan. If there are any expenses you can cut immediately that will put some extra money in your pocket, do it.

No matter how small the step, it is a good thing because it moves you out of a place of feeling powerless.

Visualize the Improved Situation

There is a lot of power in visualization when it comes to making positive change. It gives us something to focus on. When we get into a space where we can see and feel the more ideal circumstances of a particular aspect of our life, it motivates us to make this our reality.

What would a better financial life look like to you? Do you see yourself making regular deposits into your savings account? Do you see yourself truly enjoying nights out because you truly have the money to spend on a nice dinner or concert? What does this life feel like? It probably feels pretty good. Think about the lack of anxiety and fear that comes with having all bills paid on time, budgeting properly and managing debt responsibly. How much more peace would you feel if you had a nicely padded savings account, or the oft-talked about ‘emergency fund?’

Visualize yourself as being responsible with money and financially savvy—this may seem challenging from your current space. But, it is important to realize your situation now was not borne of some DNA defect that made you bad with money. It was borne of bad habits, lack of education and awareness and poor decisions. All of that is of the mind and can be changed.

Where you are now probably feels really uncomfortable. Facing up to our money troubles is scary, but this willingness sets a very powerful intention. So long as you commit to following through, and taking things a step at a time, you can turn things around.


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Oct 30

You might think that only retailers are in need point-of-sale or POS stations. Well, if you’re a wholesaler you need one just as much as they do. Why? For much the same reasons. You want to keep track of your inventory, sales, and have your back office functions such as accounting on board, too. It’s not just retailers who suffer from shrinkage, and need to keep their accounting straight. Integrating your warehouse and online storefront will also help you streamline and eliminate redundant tasks, much to the relief of your staff.

How Many Zombies Are in Your Warehouse?

You might not think that zombies are lurking in your warehouse, but they are. Zombies can take many forms, such as moribund inventory, damaged inventory, missing inventory, or the repetitive labor needed to work with your inventory. Inventory costs more than the money it takes to acquire it; inventory creates overhead expenses in addition to its acquisition and transportation. In calculating your cost of inventory you also need to look at how much it costs receive it, store it, count it, pull it, pack it, and ship it. Inefficient inventory practices can lead to shrinkage and excess overhead costs that revolve around servicing the inventory instead of selling it. Inefficient buying practices can land you with more inventory than you can properly handle. Deploying a POS system will help you to integrate your online portal your warehouse and showroom in real time and allow you to track a live inventory each order is tied to specific barcoded merchandise. Some practices that will be helped by the new system are:

  • Purchasing: The need to drive sales often results in inefficient buying practices driven less by customer demand than the idea that more stock is better. By tying your life inventory to your sales, a POS will be able to track sales and profit margins by individual order or whatever criteria you need, such as sales by month, by account, or by salesperson.
  • Receiving: Improving your procedures in receiving starts with purchasing. Properly identifying materials with barcodes, counting them, and putting them into inventory with procedures and policies count and every item, and cost of shipping assure you that you are getting what you paid for
  • Stocking: Under no circumstances should any item be put in stock without first being bar-coded, counted, and scanned into inventory.
  • Order pulling: Pulling an order should be subject to the same rules and procedures as stocking and receiving. No item should be removed from inventory without first being scanned and accounted for. This will result in more accurate inventory tracking and more accurate pulls.


The ultimate goal of inventory management  is to improve the timely flow of goods from suppliers, to warehouse, to customers while at the same time expending as little cash as possible. You’re not trying to choke your operation, or annoy your customers with rain checks and backorders.

In addition to improving your practices, according to Microsoft, your employees will benefit from being cut loose from repetitive redundant and frustrating tasks.

Stopping Shrinkage before It Starts

For any business shrinkage should always be a concern. Even in wholesale shrinkage occurs due to loss, damage, theft, accounting errors, or other factors depending on the individual industry. Stopping shrinkage, even if you don’t think it’s a problem, might show you the leak in your cash flow that such losses can cause. The Houston Chronicle reports that small businesses implementing these types of information systems can reduce shrinkage and at times may even be able to stop it entirely. The power of live inventory lies in knowing what you have, where it is, and what it is doing at any given time you care to generate report.

Not As Hard As It Looks

Obtaining a POS system used to be expensive and really was only for the upper ranges of the retail and wholesale business. However, as the technology has become more widespread and with the advent of cloud-based software, point-of-sale system is now attainable even by someone operating on the scale of a farmers market stall. Inc. magazine notes that the cloud revolution is well underway with 80 percent of small businesses expected using the cloud or their daily practices by the year 2020. Tablet based point-of-sale systems are eminently affordable, flexible, and scalable whether they are coming from a traditional cash wrap vendor, your local office supply store, or in eCommerce platform such as Shopify. Starting with an iPad or An Android tablet, with a few components your system can be up and running in very short order. Add in a cash drawer, credit card reader, a barcode printer, and a barcode scanner and you can be on your way to a live inventory solution that will cover your entire business from front to back. 

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Jul 25

I was away for a weekend, at a friend’s house on the lake in New Hampshire, and we went to pick up lobsters for diner. The price list caught me a bit off guard.


I always understood the larger lobsters would cost a bit more per pound, so for example, the 1-1/2lb lobster is $18 vs $10 for the 1lb’er. No issue with that. What struck me was the drop in price per pound for the 4lb or bigger. Let’s do the math, 2lbs for $26, 3lbs for $39, 4lbs for $32. Let’s fill in the gap, 2.5lbs for $32.50. I did the math and wondered why anyone would buy one between 2 and 4 pounds.

If you are not a lobster eater, it’s tough to understand. A small lobster has a piece of tail meat and two claws. In a larger lobster, the small claws are also worth eating as is the body, where the effort of cracking it open and digging in is well rewarded. I’d happily split a 4lb lobster with a friend than to have a 2lb one to myself any day. I asked the store owner why the drop in price. He explained that the big ones don’t sell. They don’t sell because they come out tough. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault lies not in our lobsters, but with our chefs. First, lobsters should never be boiled, not unless you are making lobster bisque. If you are serious about your lobster eating, you’ll get a steamer pot big enough to steam your lobsters. 35 minutes or so and they’re done. A nut cracker for each dinner guest will help, as will a mallet and towel if the shells are a bit hard. I love lobster, but not enough to risk cracking a tooth. Now you know.

Do you live where fresh lobsters are sold? Is the pricing flat or does it look more like the picture above?

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May 24

I happened to be looking at my iPhone to get to my local Trader Joe’s via back roads from where I was. The map program offered me the Yelp review of my store and I decided to take a look. What I found was the strangest mix of commentary with a remarkably low signal to noise ratio.  The first one that popped up was 4/5 stars and reasonably to the point. The second on the ‘recommended’ list was a 1 star review in which the author droned on for 440 words. He discussed the awful parking lot, the soccer moms, the crying babies, and finally got around to the stuff for sale. “I will concede that the food is good – especially the wide selection of uppity olive oils and cheeses of which I am a huge fan.  And the beer is good.  And the wine is good.” A couple dozen words in three sentences. Only this location has no alcohol license. No wine and no beer.

traderjoeAnd “the way too small” parking lot is quite enormous, I’ve been there often as there’s a Staples, a Pier 1, and other stores my family likes. Never a problem with the parking. To be fair, not every last review is this way, but for this store, more than half were.

I was compelled to look at other stores I’d been to, along with a few restaurants. Same for most of them. I understand you might not like a restaurant, supermarket, or other business. No problem with that. If half the reviewers on Yelp would stick the point, and not review the neighborhood, the cars, the parking lots, it might become a useful site.For now, it seems a site where people simply go on off topic rants about whatever they wish, unrelated to the establishment they are reviewing. A remarkable waste of my time.

Worse, Yelp has gained a reputation for burying good reviews of businesses that don’t pay for their service.  It’s pretty apparent when you go to the reviews buried as ‘not recommended,’ if you can find them. Most curious to me is how long Yelp will even be around. A $4B valuation for a company that continues to spend more on marketing than they book in revenue. Remember, advertising dollars are not unlimited.  Businesses spend so much each year and that’s divided amongst all the print and on line places trying to sell ad space.

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Apr 11

Gambling responsibly is something that everybody strives to achieve however it can be tricky for some people as it takes quite a lot of self-control in order to achieve it. The reason why this subject is so common these days is because of online gambling and the thousands of online casinos that are now available on the Internet. These casinos are fantastic and offer a huge variety in games that are free to play however since they are open twenty-four hours a day and are available no matter where you are as long as you have an Internet connection it can be quite hard to control yourself when you get the urge to gamble.
There are a couple of ways in which to create a responsible gaming environment for yourself and the first one isn’t really environmental, but more state of mind. You should create a budget in order to make sure you do not overspend when gambling. If you are overspend while gambling it makes the whole experience sour and so you should work out from your monthly budget how much you are willing to spend and then try not to go over it.
Being responsible for yourself online can be tricky to do as you never know whether there is somebody out to try and scam you. An online casino can be quite a scary place to go for the first time as they are asking for real money in order to play. Fortunately for many people there are lots of online casino review sites which you can visit in order to find safe and well regarded casino sites so that you can feel better about playing on them. With this knowledge in your hands you can then find the right casino for you in order to enjoy a safe online environment.

Article by Miles Hughes

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