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When @Rosie Retweeted

There’s a certain excitement when a celebrity or anyone you really admire responds to a tweet of yours. That sentiment may seem strange coming from a 50+ year old vs a teen ager, but I think that feeling of looking that actor, rock star, author in the eye and sharing a thought with them has [...]

Rich Country / Poor People

The country has grown richer, a lot richer. Our total net worth, as reported by the Federal Reserve, and the WSJ graphic, has passed $92.8T. That’s Trillion, as in a “one” with 12 zeros. A trillion is also a million million, so $92.8T is $92.8 million times a million. How many households are we talking? [...]

Freebie Broadband Deals

Today, a guest post from Crystal – Many companies offer incentives to entice new customers into buying their products. In the case of broadband, this has now become a growing trend but it is always important to consider carefully if buying the broadband package is actually worth the gift and whether or not, you could actually [...]

Financial Planning 101 for Young Adults and Why You Need to Pay Attention in Class

A Guest Post today – You’re young and the world is your oyster; nobody is disputing that. The one mistake that a majority of young adults make, however, is failing to take their finances seriously. You’ve just completed four (or more depending on your major) years of college. During that time, you worked hard to [...]

A Time to Heal

Eight years ago, when Barack Obama was elected president, I heard a clip on the radio. a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show asking for his reaction. “I hope he fails,” were his words. Those words stung me, and stuck with me. Is it possible for a president to succeed and yet, the country be [...]

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