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Swim With the Sharks: Never Miss A Great New Investment Opportunity !

A Guest Post today - The financial business today offers numerous opportunities to people who are willing to work with devotion. If dealing with financial affairs fascinates you and managing other people’s money is a matter of your interest, then stock broking is a flourishing career for you. The business of buying and selling shares, [...]

Thoughts on 2015

2015 is now in the history books. As I was prepping for our annual New Year's eve party, I heard CNBC in the background, "The S&P 500 was down 3/4 of a percent for the year, the worst year since 2008." True, I suppose, but the tone is the opposite of how I discussed the [...]

5 Ways to Get Money in a Hurry

Many of us look forward to a tax refund each year, using our tax payments as a small savings plan. If you're waiting on that refund but need to raise a bit of cash more quickly, today's article is for you. Situations often arise, and rather than taking a loan, you can make money legitimately [...]

What’s happening to FSB?

A  post aimed at my friends across the pond - I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is currently a huge push on Financial Spread Betting (FSB). Just about everywhere you look, it seems, there is a bright and shiny offer to take the plunge and enjoy the thrills, spills and rewards of riding [...]

3 Tips for Righting Your Money Wrongs

Of all the potential problems life can serve up to us, money problems rank among the most stressful without a doubt. Ruminating about mounting debt, having trouble paying bills, knowing we are making bad choices can do quite a number on us mentally. If denial is no longer doing it for you, and you are [...]

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