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Retired, With Mortgage

I’d always thought, and advised others, that to retire, one should have their mortgage paid in full. And that was always my own plan. But, anyone who knows finance knows that you can’t plan on an exact stock market return, you can’t plan on your own health being excellent, nor your marriage outlasting your mortgage. [...]

You want to lend that couple how much?

I had an experience I was planning to share and after writing about Student Loans and Your First Mortgage, today is the day to do it. In that article, I wrote that a couple earning $100K could afford a house worth as much as $465K if they had a 20% down payment saved up. I [...]

Student Loans and Your First Mortgage

Is it wise to have no debt at all when you are planning a mortgage in the not-too-distant future? That’s what I was pondering after a blogger I follow was considering wiping out her student loan. If you’ve not read Stephanie’s blog, Graduated Learning, you might give it a try. The tag line is “I [...]

Mortgage Rates are Heading Up

You knew that, of course. If you’ve searched for personal loans at sites such as http://www.cbonline.co.uk/personal/loans  you’ll discover competitive rates, but if you own a home in the US and have a mortgage, hopefully you’ve looked at the rates as they dropped and acted by refinancing to a lower rate. But, as I expected, the [...]

To Refinance or Not?

The housing market is still at almost record lows. Though the rates have been steadily rising the past year or so, they are still far below the rates that they had before the market fell. These days, even people who are sitting comfortably in their mortgages are debating refinance due to the extremely low rates [...]

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