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A MyRA Roundup

During the recent State of the Union, we were introduced to a new flavor of retirement account, the MyRA. Even the president had a tough time spitting out the words, he started to say, “My IRA,” and then corrected himself, saying, My R A, meaning My Retirement Account. A few days later, the Treasury issued [...]

A Complete Nonsense Roundup

Now and then it’s time to point out things that are just nonsensical. Today’s the day for a few. We start by recalling how the media and our president both used the word Rich when really what they meant was High Earners. No doubt, if a couple makes $400K a year, they are high earners, [...]

A Christmas 2013 Roundup

This is the last roundup before Christmas, so it seems appropriate to stay with the theme of the holiday in my highlighted articles this week. With one exception – SEP IRA versus Solo 401(k)-Which is Better? This was the question Barbara Friedberg answered at her blog this week. An important question and timely for me [...]

An Electra Roundup

Let’s start this week with an old post I just discovered. From Mormon Dems, A Minimum Living Standard in the World’s Wealthiest Country. An interesting view on the poverty myth, and why we need a higher minimum wage. This issue will be with us for some time, I’m afraid. Today’s roundup is named for the [...]

A Post Turkey ’13 Roundup

Tough to believe it’s December already. Thanksgiving is behind us, and 2014 right around the corner. No shortage of good reading this week – First, Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism ‘tyranny’ and urges rich to share wealth. I like the new Pope. Nothing against the prior ones, but it seems Pope Francis is focusing on [...]

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