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A Quadradical Roundup

Anyone that starts their article with the Quadratic Equation certainly gets my attention. And I'm sure that was The Financial Buff, Harry Sit's goal with his post How Many People Contribute The Max to Their IRA. This was a roundup in its own right, and Harry shared what he read the prior week. At Generation [...]

A Muppet IPO Roundup

Another interesting week in the market and in the PF Blogosphere. We start this week with a post from Bargaineering, Your take: Is investing in IPOs smart, or strictly for muppets? My own answer? It depends on whether one gets IPO shares at the IPO price or if the price is the elevated price at [...]

A Fall Back 2013 Roundup

Spring ahead, fall back. The time shift gives us an extra hour of sleep tonight, but when finish our dinner tomorrow, we will notice the sun will set an hour earlier. This means that if you had any outdoor projects to do before the winter weather sets in, it will need to be done on [...]

A FinCon13 Roundup

With FinCon13 still fresh in my mind, please let me share my fellow blogger's observation on this amazing conference. Most conferences will have some kind of SWAG. I had no idea this was an acronym, Stuff We All Get, and aren't sure if that's even right. But that's what it is, and this year, there [...]

Good Bye St Louis

It's not just adios, but probably goodbye. Last weekend, St. Louis was the host city for FinCon, the Financial Blogger's Conference. So far, it's been in Chicago, Denver, and now St. Louis. This is The Gateway Arch which Wikipedia tells us is a 630-foot monument in St. Louis, Missouri. Clad in stainless steel and built [...]

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