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The Income Gap

An issue that wont go away and lately, pretty tough to ignore.

Farewell to a Great Comedian

I was watching an old tape of Comic Relief ’87 when I saw the Tweets that Robin Williams had passed away. He had an amazing career, graduating from stand-up comedy to TV, to roles in movies which showed his amazing range of talent. The only other celebrity that I believe can claim such range is [...]

Today’s Grinch

On the last Saturday before Christmas, a political cartoon with a seasonal theme. And very on-topic for what’s been been happening to the unemployed through congress’ inaction.

Executive Compensation

This week, much of the focus of the political cartoons surrounded Santa and consumerism around the holidays. I’ll pass on that for now. For me, low wages are still an obsession. I’m not a fan of the Occupy movement, only because their message was too disjointed. But I do think the minimum wage needs to [...]

Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela

I am well aware that The Onion is a satirical web site. After Nelson Mandela’s passing, The Onion offered a remarkably believable fabricated quote, “Today we lost not only an international hero and a symbol of the resilient human spirit, but also the very first political figure ever who people actively wish was still alive [...]

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