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The 15% solution

I recently read a question from a fellow blogger Briana, who posts at How's Married Life asking how much she should save to her retirement account each year. As I saw comments come in, for me the larger question wasn't how much, but simply 'how.' Should she save pretax, or post? In the big picture, [...]

Thoughts on Age Based Savings

Many articles have been written about the savings you need to have at different ages. In 2009, I wrote my own article Retirement Savings Ratio, which included a spreadsheet to track your own situation. Fidelity recently offered a chart which the New York Times picked up and ran as a story. What's amazing to me [...]

How do you plan for Retirement?

On a Personal Finance and Money board within the Stack Exchange Network, I'm a frequent poster, answering questions as they come up. On occasion, I'm struck by a question that's so well thought out, it's worthy reading in its own right. The question asked was “One should save about 15% of their income for retirement.” [...]

A Hellacious Inherited IRA Story

Some comments are worth highlighting as they make a great Q&A. A question I received on my article Inheriting or Bequeathing an IRA follows: Dear Joe, My Mom passed away in December 2011. Her wishes in her Will were for her assets to be divided equally between myself and my 2 sisters. At some point [...]

The Roth IRA Movement

Today is a special day in the world of Personal Financial Blogging. As my regular readers know, I've expressed mixed feelings about the Roth IRA. When I read articles telling me that a couple converted a million dollars to Roth, slamming themselves into the top bracket (35%, and possibly higher, through the effect of AMT) [...]

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