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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report

In January, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission issued their final report, titled The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report. While I’d not want to ruin a good cliffhanger of an ending, the web site itself puts it conclusion on the front page: The Commission concluded that this crisis was avoidable—the result of human actions, inactions, and misjudgments. [...]

Another Frightening Show About the Economy

In August, I posted an article to point readers to a public radio show This American Life where they had aired a program titled “The Giant Pool of Money,” focusing on the subprime meltdown. Recently, they aired Another Frightening Show About the Economy which goes into even more detail, this time focusing on the commercial [...]

A Depressing Week

Between the market, and lack of sleep due to JaneTaxpayer 2.0 getting her braces and being uncomfortable, it’s been quite a week. The highlight of this week was being invited to offer a guest post at the Fraud Files blog on some of the math behind my pet peeve, the Money Merge Account. I received [...]

A Modern Humpty Dumpty

From “The Economist” Magazine. Have a great weekend, Joe

One More Subprime Story

I enjoy the public radio show This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, and listen to the podcast, but having fallen a bit behind, I just heard the May 9th show, titled “The Giant Pool of Money.” It offers yet one more view on the subprime mess, this story centers around a lot of investment [...]