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2018 tax rates announced

The 2018 tax rates below are as proposed in the bill that will be voted on tomorrow. The tables aren’t the actual tax you pay on gross income, but on taxable income which is gross less a number of items, including the standard deduction for single $12,000 or joint $24,000. You’ll note, there’s no mention of [...]

Avoiding Taxes While Building Wealth For You and Your Family

Today, a guest post from my friend, Crystal. It can be difficult to make confident financial plans when you have a family. Most of us find family life busy and challenging. Oftentimes money is in too short supply. If this is familiar to you, you may not find the time or purpose in thinking about building [...]

The #FightFor15

The #FightFor15 is the movement to raise the minimum wage in the United States, and many other countries in the world. I’ve touched on the topic of minimum wage before, first in a 2013 article “Time to Raise The Minimum Wage” and in 2014, “What Wealth Transfer Looks Like” in which I make the case that [...]

Tax Reform 2017 – The AMT

If you haven’t noticed, one thing that has reared its head again is tax reform. The ‘plan’ hasn’t been made public yet, only a one pager, a summary of the goals. The lack of details hasn’t kept our government from starting the marketing ball rolling on this one. Marketing is the word I’m using here, [...]

Tax Reform 2017 – The Estate Tax

Tax reform is on the table again, and it’s time to start looking at the individual parts of the code up for discussion. Today, I’d like to look at the estate tax. Those who want to repeal it entirely are fond of calling the ‘Death Tax’, as that will stir up some repulsion in their [...]

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