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Spread Betting as a Money Making Exercise: A Brief Guide

A Guest Post today – When you think of financial market trending, your mind is almost always invariably drawn to live shares and corporeal assets. From company stocks to commodities such as oil, these physical entities once dominated the market and served as the staple of any successful trading portfolio. The market has changed considerably [...]


On March 13th (a Friday) I posted “Have We Hit Bottom?” and it seems we did. While the return on the S&P since then, a 49% rise from 750.74 to its 1220.59 close last night. But if we learned anything from the tech crash, it’s that not every company goes bankrupt after a major decline, [...]

5 days, 4 percent

As I posted the other day, the market has been volatile of late. After reaching a high in Mid-July of 1555.90 the S&P touched 1427.39 on Monday (Aug 6) a drop of over 8%. But now back to 1497.49, the S&P has come back 4.9% from this recent low. This recent blip will look just [...]

Don’t panic

The market has gotten more volatile in the last month. Average point move on the S&P in the last 30 days has been 14.4 compared to the last year’s average of 6.9. This kind of volatility can certainly turn your stomach, but it’s the long run that matters. I touch on this topic in my [...]