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The #FightFor15

The #FightFor15 is the movement to raise the minimum wage in the United States, and many other countries in the world. I’ve touched on the topic of minimum wage before, first in a 2013 article “Time to Raise The Minimum Wage” and in 2014, “What Wealth Transfer Looks Like” in which I make the case that [...]

Rich Country / Poor People

The country has grown richer, a lot richer. Our total net worth, as reported by the Federal Reserve, and the WSJ graphic, has passed $92.8T. That’s Trillion, as in a “one” with 12 zeros. A trillion is also a million million, so $92.8T is $92.8 million times a million. How many households are we talking? [...]

The Exaggerated Income Gap?

That was the title of a Barron’s article this past week. There’s been more and more press about the gap between the rich and the poor. In my work as a real estate agent focussing on renting to low income people, I see people who aren’t lazy, but just the opposite. Showing me proof of [...]

When the Middle Class is No Longer

A couple weeks ago, I read a Times’ article The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less. The punchline of this article was the fact that the US median household saw their net worth fall from $87,992 in 2003 to $56,335 in 2013. The article linked to a report, Wealth Levels, Wealth Inequality, and the [...]

Rich Habits – Correlation, Causation, and Poverty

I consider myself a numbers guy. Not that I prefer numbers to people, but I have great respect for the numbers, and like how math is consistent over the decades, unlike our tax code for instance. That said, I find it curious that a branch of mathematics, statistics, is often used to perpetrate a fraud, [...]

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