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A Collapsing Economy Roundup

We’re going to start this week’s roundup on a bit of a serious note with Economic Collapse 101: What It Will Look Like, and How It May Start. My friend Len Penzo thinks we are in for some tough times ahead, focussing on the national debt that appears to be rising with no end in sight. I can’t say I disagree with Len’s warning, but for all our sake, I hope he’s wrong.

At Green Panda Treehouse, How Do You Deal With Financial Peer Pressure? An excellent question, as pressure comes from all directions, friends, family, neighbours, and nearly everyone we encounter. Here’s some great advice on how to handle it all.

An interesting article, The Challenge of Defining Wealth was posted this week at Five Cent Nickel. Is it income? Retirement savings? Credit? How do you define wealth?

If Len’s ominous warning weren’t enough to ruin your day, Money Reasons tells us Why Unemployment Is Likely To Be Higher Than In The Past 50 years. It’s not a cycle, it’s a shift in the world’s labor force.

One Frugal Girl tells us why she Unsubscribed: So Long Bargain Blogs. I understand where she’s coming from, a bargain is no bargain if the item you buy wasn’t something you’d have bought anyway.
Does a Stock Split Matter? is asked (and answered) at Money Mamba. While a split doesn’t change the actual value of a company, it does make it more accessible for the average investor. Think about it, would you buy one share of a $10,000 stock as quickly as you’d buy 100 shares of a $100 stock?

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