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Share the Wealth
I first referenced the Global Rich List, which I first discovered on Andrew Tobias' site, in my 2006 year end posting. Take a look at this site, but be prepared to be surprised as to how poor most people are compared to you. Half the world lives on less than $850 per year.
On one hand, you've earned the money you have and it's your right to keep it. If you feel that way, please check out the rest of my site and have a great day. Charity is a personal decision and if you either have your own list of charities, or do not wish to share, I'm not likely to change your mind.
If, you are looking for a new charity, I'm planning to update this page with charities I've decided to donate to.
Andrew Tobias mentioned The Smile Train on his web site some time back, and I've donated every year since. Also see New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans - this shelter does work for a good cause. They are located in Boston, if you want to stay closer to home, you can likely find a similar shelter near your city. I plan to add other lesser known charities to this page as they come to my attention. In the mean while, check out where you stand on the Global List and enjoy your new sense of how wealthy you really are.