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An Electra Roundup

Let’s start this week with an old post I just discovered. From Mormon Dems, A Minimum Living Standard in the World’s Wealthiest Country. An interesting view on the poverty myth, and why we need a higher minimum wage. This issue will be with us for some time, I’m afraid.


Today’s roundup is named for the storm coming through the NorthEast. It’s the first big storm of the season, looking at 8 inches before it’s over. The supermarkets were a madhouse, the bread and milk all gone. Amazing.

At Wealth Gospel, Ben wrote What People Living on Less Than $1 a Day Taught Me About Money. What’s frightening to me is that half the world lives on less than $1300/year, The median US income is over 20 times this figure.

On Yahoo Finance, the question is asked and answered – Could You Be Oversaving for Retirement? Could you? Sure. But the article doesn’t suggest that we are, only that the target that planners suggest, 80% of pre-retirement income, is a flawed number. The actual savings for the average 55-64 year old is just under $70K. You think they save too much?

Len Penzo offered 100 Words On: Why Frugality Has Its Limits. And he’s right. You can squeeze your spending only so much. It’s increasing earning that should be more of a focus.

We’ll close with Financial Samurai’s Asset Allocation Review – How Much Richer Do You Feel In This Bull Market? The market is up nearly 29% this year, but not everyone gained from this stellar move. Are you richer?

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