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A Fall Harvest Roundup

After missing a round up last week, with good reason of course, I have some catching up to do. So, no banter, let’s get started:

At Narrowbridge Finance, Eric explains how to Get Your Credit Score For Free and Save Money. Eric recommends Credit Sesame, which I’ve not tried. It may make a nice complement to using Credit Karma as they probably are pulling data from different sources.

At One Money Design, Jocelin Boutet gust posted an article,The Entertainment Book: Good Deal? You know, it’s the book of coupons you can often buy at the local drug store or supermarket, or perhaps the neighborhood kids were selling it as a fundraiser. A good overview of this book and some interesting comments.

Kelly Whalen, founder of The Centsible Life, offered some lessons from fellow bloggers in What You Can Learn from Financial Bloggers About Being Frugal in a thoughtful guest post at Budgetable.

At Retire By 40, Joe Udo asked himself Did I just spend $24.89 to save 43 cents a month on the electric bill? Well, he might have, but that’s not a bad deal to me, over 20% return. As long as the savings lasts for 10 years or more the expense was well worth it. Joe borrowed a Kill-A-Watt device from his library and has been discovering all the energy wasters in his house.

Dear Friend: Here Are 41 Reasons Why I’m NOT Lending You the Money
, sincerely, Len Penzo. I like Len a lot, but if I should ever need to hit a friend up for a few bucks, I know better that to go to him. I’ve lent people money and not seen it again, sorry I hadn’t met Len 20 years ago before I gave it away.

My Tax Crush Kay Bell reminded me that It’s workplace benefits — including spending accounts — enrollment time. Start planning and make the decisions before the deadline.

The prolific Miranda Marquit explains What You Must Know Before Transferring Credit Card Balances. These deals can either help you dig your way out of a hole, or dig yourself a deeper one. Miranda explains what to look for to get it right.

Disclaimer – when I think Fall Harvest, I think “Sam Adams Harvest” mix pack. I was not compensated by the Sam Adams folk for using the image above, but the FTC wants me to tell you that, and the folk at MADD want me to tell you to never drink and drive. Especially if you’re drinking while watching the presidential debates, but that’s another story, I suppose.

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