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Freebie Broadband Deals

Today, a guest post from Crystal –

Many companies offer incentives to entice new customers into buying their products. In the case of broadband, this has now become a growing trend but it is always important to consider carefully if buying the broadband package is actually worth the gift and whether or not, you could actually get better value elsewhere that a company that does not offer a free gift, but actually works out a lot cheaper. This article explores the world of free gifts and whether or not it is worth it in some case, or it is just a novelty.

Many people believe this can save you money, there are two options to consider with your free gift. The first one is whether or not you actually need the gift, for example, if you weren’t buying the broadband, would you potentially go out and buy the gift anyway. If this is the case, this is the ideal situation, however, if you don’t need the gift, it may also be beneficial to get the deal anyway as one could sell the gift and gain some extra money in the process. Free gifts such as a reward voucher can be a good example to use, you must ask yourself the question of whether or not you will use the reward voucher, it will normally be for the same company and so it is important to do your research to see if there is actually anything you want to buy from the company because you may find that there is simply nothing you would like to spend your money on out of the products that they offer.

There is no doubt there is potential to save a little extra money here, by buying the things you need and capitalizing on the free gift and you don’t even have to leave your house to do so. However, in this day and age there are also plenty of other ways to make a bit of extra money, again online and again, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Some companies will also offer gifts in the form of electronics and this can be a good example to use and try to weigh up the pros and cons. For example, if the free gift is a television, this can be very profitable, but you must ask yourself if you need a television? Do you already have one? If you do then it may be wiser to sell the free gift as it comes and you can get cold hard cash instead. The resale value of a television for example will be very high, providing you do not take it out of the packaging and you can find a buyer. Speak to friends, family or even put it on eBay, it could be very easy to sell and get cash in no time at all. If you are selling a free gift, you must do the calculations. Will the money you get from the gift actually be worth spending more money on what could be a much more expensive broadband package than many other service providers and it is also important to make sure you know it can be sold quickly as otherwise you could be left with an expensive broadband deal and a spare television collecting dust, slowly depreciating in value.

In conclusion then, when entering into a broadband deal, this is a long term commitment and before you go splashing out on something just because you get a fancy new gift with it, it is important to weigh up both the advantages of the free gift, in terms of money and how much you will save and the disadvantages of the free gift, in terms of are there other broadband providers out there that don’t offer free gifts, but actually work out cheaper in the long term. You should also consider other factors in terms of broadband speed and the quality of the service provided.

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