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Frugal Friday Week 46

Subtitled, “When perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

I know, the Starbucks conversation has been beaten to death. It’s become a poster child for frivolous spending. I’m not a regular latte drinker but my wife was, and when I added the gas for the round trip, it was a $6/day habit.


Me, this was my drink. My pot of coffee used about 3oz, or 14 pots from this container of coffee. 25 cents for 4 big mugs of coffee. Jackpot. More recently, the Mrs lost her taste for Starbucks and started to use a Kurig we got as a gift.


The unit price looks interesting, it’s not by the pound, but by the cup. $.42 per cup. Not $6, but still not my 6 cent a cup coffee. I looked at the box, and saw the weight.


26 ounces. Wow. A bit of math, and we’re looking at $21.54 per pound. But back to my intro. $6, $.42, $.06. When compared to my 6 cent cup, 42 cents is crazy. Compared to $6, not so much. And that’s when I say that sometimes we need to know when to draw the line. I like making the coffee at night, and microwaving a cup to take with me in the morning. But I know this routine isn’t for everyone. I can try to convince my wife to drink the sludge I drink (she thinks it’s gross) or I can say that sometimes good enough will do. Note: Her Kurig brand is different, but the price is similar to the image above.

  • John Wedding November 8, 2013, 4:48 am

    Neat! That unit pricing makes sense! Keurig K-Cup coffee by the pound doesn’t.

  • Chris February 19, 2014, 10:18 pm

    I ditched the daily dunkins habit for a keurig. After realizing a cup of coffee was about 60 cents and the kids starting using it i got smart and bought a few reusable filters. The money I saved was a lot. It’s a bit more work but worth the savings.

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