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Guest Posting and Advertising

Change in Policy on Guest Posting:

If you are looking to place links, this is a paid service, please contact my agent, Crystal at budgetingfunstuff@gmail.com , she will negotiate terms and arrange for payment. This also applies to any paid advertising you’d like to place.

If you are a fellow PF (Personal Finance) Blogger and would like to submit a guest post please send me a note by adding a comment here. It’s a great way to show your writing to some new readers. Even if you are not a blogger, I’ve hosted posts from readers who just had an urge to write and share some great ideas. It will be great to hear from you.

Criteria –

If you are a fellow blogger, just give the link to your site and I’ll take a peek.

If you don’t blog but wish to write, an example of your work elsewhere is a requirement.

If you write a long generic request with no details requested above, you’re not going to get a response. To be clear, if no link to example writing is included, I will not reply. For example – “I am a financial blogger with in-depth knowledge on core financial topics like Debt, credit, mortgage, insurance, investment and so on. While going through different blogs, I happened to hit upon your blog and I loved the structure and the content of the same. I would be highly obliged if you would grant me the permission to write an article for your blog and be an active contributor.” – Really? Did you read the above? I guess not.

Articles should be 400-600 words, appeal to my readership, and contain one public domain image applicable to the article.


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