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How to Make Money with Your Tax Refund

The folk at Your Local Security (the website for the ADT company, for sake of full disclosure) have shared this article and infographic with the PF Blogging community.

Every year we all have to pay taxes, and most of us get a nice juicy refund (especially those of us with kids!). Yet how many of us actually use our tax refund wisely? According to the IRS, the average tax return in the United States is around $2750! We decided to create this infographic to explore some of the most beneficial (in our opinion) ways one could spend—or not spend—his or her tax return. We hope you enjoy it, and I personally hope you put the advice to practice and start making some money off that return! Let us know your thoughts below in the comments, and remember to share this with your friends!

Note: You can click on the image to get a full, larger view.

  • Steven April 13, 2012, 8:28 am

    Good ideas and good advice, although I’d like to know where they recommend we look for an investment with a guaranteed 7.5% annual rate of return! 🙂

  • JOE April 13, 2012, 1:06 pm

    Steven – certainly not guaranteed, but prior to 2000, we did believe the “long term” market return was 10% on average. 7.5% is probably as conservative number as any to project long term.

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