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How to Save Money in Your Home This Winter

A guest Post From Crystal –

As we move into winter, many people are concerned about how they will stretch their budget in order to cover the basics. So it pays to look into your options before the dark nights draw in.

Switch to a Fixed-Rate Tariff

News surfaced this week in relation to the large energy companies, such as British Gas and npower hiking up their prices. This breeds fear into families, who are already struggling to pay bills, and pensioners who are resorting to missing meals in order to keep warm. In response David Cameron urged people to move to a fixed-tariff deal.

By switching to fixed-price tariffs you can choose the best deal to suit you. By shopping around you can look for options dependent on your location and usage, with some of the deals available you can have a price freeze until the end of January 2016.

Prepare Substantial, Low-Budget Meals

Food is extortionately priced these days, and it can be hard to think about how you are going to stretch the weekly budget to make ends meet. To start with, allocate yourself a food budget and shop online, so you don’t get tempted by any extras that you don’t need on the way round the supermarket. Contrary to what people believe, traditional butchers and grocers are actually very competitive with their pricing, use much less packaging and have better quality food in many cases. For example: if you are buying a pack of value sausages they can actually serve as a false economy as they do not fill you up and are full of nasty bits and processed reconstituted meat. Buying from butchers will mean that you get decent cuts of meat that are filling and better for you and your family.

Look online at recipe ideas, freeze meals if you make bulk, so there’s no waste and take packed lunches. Check out some of the online recipes that are low budget and good quality, that can help to feed your family healthily.

Be Shrewd with Your Finances

Everyone is familiar with the process of swapping credit cards to ensure 0% interest deals that enable you to pay off your balance quickly. And many people with mortgages are actually missing the opportunity to find the best rates for repayment that will work to their advantage. You could save a large chunk of money every month. It helps to work with a company who have experience in this area, such as Quick Move Conveyancing, who can guide you through the process to make it as swift and simple as possible.

So, there are many ways you can approach this winter, minus the usual dread financial dread. Take some time to look at the opportunities you have available and you could save your family money.

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