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  • Honolulu Aunty April 17, 2013, 5:50 pm

    Aloha Joe,

    I can’t believe that they are still around! I agree 100% with you that this program with their “algorithms” of complexity is a sham and people are better off plopping the $3000 (is it still $3000) onto their principal rather than waste it on a program that smells like a sleeze ball.

    I am glad that I was able to get out of it, albeit a lot of wasted communications with the company. The Utah Better Business Bureau is the way to go – but make sure you format your situation on a word doc first and edit before cutting and pasting.

    Keep on keeping on Joe. You’re the best!

    With aloha and mahalo,

    Aunty Sally

  • Joe April 17, 2013, 7:17 pm

    No, Aunty, now they wont say. It’s some percent of your savings with a maximum $3500. It’s still a scam, and the people selling it, innumerate.

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