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A Post DOMA Roundup

Let’s start this week with Roger Wohlner’s post at The Chicago Financial Planner, Understanding Your Bond Fund’s Duration. Bonds feel safer than stocks, or at least that’s the impression I get listening to how people reference bonds. The issue? Bond prices fluctuate, and drop as rates rise. Duration is the explanation of how this happens, a nice primer on the subject.

Joan Otto doesn’t mince her words when she posts at Man VS Debt. This week she told her readers How to Sell Your Crap Using Facebook. I read this with interest as there’s a category of stuff that’s not easy to sell on eBay as the cost of shipping is crazy compared to the value of the item. A nice refurbished desk, anyone? Joan explain how to use Facebook to sell your stuff locally. You won’t get rich doing this, but some pocket money is better than a full trash barrel.


The Investor Junkie asked (and answered) Is Lending Club or Prosper a Risky Investment? With rates so low, and P2P (peer to peer) lending being a higher yield alternative, it’s an interesting thing to consider. I’ve not used P2P myself, but the more I read on the net returns, even after defaults, the more I’ll research and decide if I’d like to get my feet wet in this new (to me) area.

When’s the best age to start investing in an IRA? This was the discussion at Darwin’s Money. The argument for ASAP is compelling. Stories of how those who deposit for some years in their 20’s and stop, will still be way ahead of those who start with the same deposits in their 30’s. The 30’s starter never catches up. On a personal note, my 14 year old just made her 4th annual Roth IRA deposit. Babysitting is pretty lucrative in our neighborhood, with $10/hr being the low end of what people are willing to pay.
At WealthLion, the Lion shared his Retirement Plan. It’s a great plan, and the only criticism he seemed to get was that he clearly has an above average income. I’ll agree, someone whose goal is $3M is above the current median for income. That just reinforces one point, finance is personal. This is the first I’ve seen this blog, a nice find.
Next, you’re aware that DOMA was struck down. This has implications for married same sex couples for their Social Security Benefits, Tax Returns and more. Joe Kristan offers a nice DOMA carnival of his own, sharing links to a dozen blog articles on the subject. Note – the image above is from the next issue of The New Yorker, Sesame Street has issued statements in the past that Bert and Ernie are just friends.

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