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A Post Nemo Roundup

We’ll start this week with Hank Coleman’s article at Money Q&A, Ten Ways To Break Your Texting While Driving Habit. Not strictly a finance discussion, Hank’s public service announce may save you from an untimely death. As much as I like to offer advice on will, trusts, and estate planning, I think avoiding death is probably a great start. Read Hank’s list, and let him know Joe sent you.

At Money Momba, JT McGee explained How David Einhorn’s Apple Preferred Stock Proposal Works. If you are an Apple stockholder, you may be aware of the news. David Einhorn is suing Apple as they were planning to eliminate the ability to issue preferred stock without a shareholder vote. Einhorn sees the potential for “unlocking value” in Apple via preferred shares. Apple had traded as high as $705 this past September, but recently dropped to $440. I’d suggest the current fair price is smewhere in between these two extremes.


At Bargaineering, Jim Wang asks for Your Take: The End of Saturday USPS Mail Delivery. This week the Post Office announced the end of an era. As of August 1st, no more Saturday mail. It would seem email, texting, IMing, etc, have caught us with the post office.

The Chicago Financial Planner offered 4 Signs of a Lousy 401(k) Plan.  If your plan is guilty of any of these symptoms, you may want to think about how much your depositing to your 401(k) and consider alternate investment accounts.

20 Something Finance wrote Your Guide to a Less Painful 2012 Tax Return. Tax time is right around the corner, and this year, it need not be painful.

And last, I’d like to share an article I wrote for H&R Block – 5 Things Parents Need to Know About Filing a Tax Return. If you are a parent or soon to be one, check it out and leave a comment there, if you’d like.

About Nemo – That was the name of the snowstorm that just hit the northeast. Records were broken in some cities, and the picture above is the impassable back door to my garage. This wasn’t the most snow I’ve seen, but the powder set us up for some amazing drifts, 7-8 feet in some spots.

  • Roger @ The Chicago Financial Planner February 10, 2013, 8:19 am

    Thanks for including my post, hope the snow didn’t impact you too severely.

  • JOE February 10, 2013, 9:49 am

    Nice article Roger. We were lucky on the storm, no loss of power. And just one missed school day, as most of the weather happened over the weekend. Thinking I need to get the snow away from that door before it melts. Right now it’s still there, cleared the deck for BBQ grill access, and driveway to get out.

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