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A Quadradical Roundup

Anyone that starts their article with the Quadratic Equation certainly gets my attention. And I’m sure that was The Financial Buff, Harry Sit’s goal with his post How Many People Contribute The Max to Their IRA. This was a roundup in its own right, and Harry shared what he read the prior week.

At Generation X Finance, a Credit Karma Review. I’m a fan of this company and have written a number of articles on different components of the credit score with information supplied by Credit Karma. For a great overview and review, check out the article.

Food Stamp Reform: Unethical or Overdue? This was the question asked and answered by Jessica Sommerfield at MoneyNing. It’s easy to find examples of fraud wherever we look, and this social program is no different. For every 100 people who genuinely need some support, there are going to be some who are drawn into the spotlight as frauds, gaming the system. I think all programs should have proper oversight, but in the greatest country on earth (ok, I’m biased) there’s no excuse for us not to help keep our citizens from starving.

Next, Barbara Friedberg offered her book How to Get Rich; Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate for a special deal just until Tuesday Nov 19th, at $.99. I’ve not read it yet, but here’s my change to do it for less than a buck. As I’ve written recently, I’ve met Barbara a number of times, and had great discussions with her. I know her book will be a great read.

Clever Dude’s Brock wrote What Would You Do? Money Left Behind in the Self Checkout Lane. The story is simple, money left at the self check-out at a Walmart. Would you take the money? Turn it in? If instead of $20, it was a full wallet, more money plus a license, would your answer change?

We’ll wrap the week up with Roger Wohlner’s question – Do You Have a Back-Up Financial Plan? It’s pretty simple, like happens, jobs are lost, people get sick, have accidents, get divorced. Few people get through life with no bumps. What’s your back up plan?

  • William Charles November 21, 2013, 12:54 am

    Good to see more bloggers in the personal finance niche doing these round ups, making I’ll make the list next week ;).

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