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Unfortunately, iRows has cancelled their service. While I search for a new provider of online spreadsheet hosting, please download this excel sheet.
Yrs/Age - The sheet assumes you start working and saving at age 20. You can enter a different age in this cell to reflect your starting age.

Annual raise - 1.03 reflects 3% per year annual raises. You may replace this number if you think you will get higher or lower raises.

Percent saved - This sample sheet reflects a 15% savings rate as this is the savings needed to meet the retirement goals I suggested. Adjust up or down as you wish.

Annual return - 1.08 means an 8% appreciation, you may adjust this number to reflect more conservative or more agressive assumptions.

Yrs income saved - as I discussed, a long term goal of savings equal to 20-25 times your annual (final) salary is what is needed to provide this withdrawal rate with low risk of drawing down the account.This column tells you how many year worth of income you have accumulated.

If you make a mistake or wish to run a new scenario, just reopen the sheet and it will come up fresh.