Subprime Meltdown

I’ve written in prior posting some of my thoughts on the recent events in the subprime mortgage market, otherwise called the “Subprime Meltdown.” There are a series of articles that can help one understand the origin of this issue as well as some technical details describing how mortgages are packaged (collateralized) and sold.

I’m sure some kind readers will point me toward a few more articles which I’ll be happy to add to this list. (Thank you to those who have sent any of the links above)

3 Responses to “Subprime Meltdown”

  1. Financialbondage Says:

    like Dave Ramsey says, broke people should not buy homes.

  2. Terence Grev (Nouriel Roubini Interviews) Says:

    Dr Doom has made some great calls over the last 6 months. I have to say that I find his general tone to be bang on. Surprising how he has turned something normally seen as boring into something captivating. I have assembled a collection of interviews from Roubini, Meredith Whitney, Jim Rogres and Barry Ritholtz at

  3. JOE Says:

    I enjoy Mr Roubini’s analysis. I avoid the tag “Dr Doom” as it sounds too much like a Marvel Comic character.

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