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Here, she replied to a retiree who wrote to her in "The Costco Connection."* I'll quote the question;

"I am retired and have concerns about the dollar continuing to lose value. I have been considering moving a portion of my funds into precious metalsas a hedge against the dollar. Would this be wise?"

I was floored to read her answer, in sum, she first said she believes in diversification, and also states that the metals have already had a big run. Then the punchline; "So consider placing just a portion of your assets in precious metals; as much as 20% seems reasonable to me."

20% in metals? For a retiree? Suze - have you seen the charts for Gold for the last two centuries? Have you read any of the books on my list? This 20% can be invested to grow with minimal risk and double in 12-14 years. Metals?

In all fairness, this topic warrant further dialog. I've written an update to discuss this, my special update on gold.

*I've been accused of taking the question and Suze's reply out of context. Please read the entire Q&A at and judge for yourself.