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Future Gas Pains

As I passed a few gas stations this week and saw $1.89 regular, less than half the cost just a couple months back, and after the initial sense of relief that a tank will less than $30 and not nearly $60, I can’t help but wonder of the longer term impact of this dramatic fall [...]

The Alternative Energy Bandwagon

As I hear more people talk on this topic, I grow more hopeful that the pain we are feeling in our wallets at the gas pump will pave the way toward a better future. In an interview with the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, I heard him call for a “Manhattan Project” for [...]

A Recipe For Disaster

Sometimes I struggle to choose a title for my posts. You see, there are many times that a potential reader will glance at a title and read or skip the post based on those few words. Other titles I considered for todays were, “Did Congressman Hinchey cut class that day?”, “Stupid Congressional Tricks”, “Repealing the [...]

Waiting for the Sun

In the scramble for solar related plays on words, Barron’s beat me to this one. They used it in the index of this week’s issue to reference their article on Applied Materials efforts in this market (solar power). The pricing and discussion of cost of solar power can be a bit confusing. The typical benchmark [...]

The Next Bubble

Some time ago, I read a book titled “Pop!: Why Bubbles Are Great For The Economy.” This is not a summary of that book, but I recommend it as it made for some interesting reading. Its premise was that bubbles leave in their wake some new infrastructure (telegraph lines or railroad tracks, as an example) [...]