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Tax Reform 2017 – The AMT

If you haven’t noticed, one thing that has reared its head again is tax reform. The ‘plan’ hasn’t been made public yet, only a one pager, a summary of the goals. The lack of details hasn’t kept our government from starting the marketing ball rolling on this one. Marketing is the word I’m using here, [...]

Over The Cliff and Back Again

First, a Happy New Year to my readers. 2012 is behind us and so is the talk of the fiscal cliff. Our elected officials knew we had a problem months ago, but like children with a book report due to their teacher, this issue was literally left for the 12th hour to solve. Perhaps even [...]

An Olympian Finance Roundup

No, I’m not writing about the games, I decided I like the summer games a bit better anyway. But, with less regular TV, I has a great week of blog reading. So, let’s get going…. Trent at The Simple Dollar talked about When Living Cheap Catches Up With You. An interesting discussion of what happens [...]

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 contains a number of tax breaks, which seem well intentioned, but none of the details I saw will have less than a token effect on one’s wallet. A few highlights: ‘Making Work Pay’ Tax Credit. – For 2009 and 2010, the bill would provide a refundable tax [...]

More Unintended Consequences

Today I caught a bit of CNBC, in which there was a brief discussion of the AMT. The AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) was put in place to be sure that the wealthy were not able to gather so many deductions and tax loopholes that they could avoid paying taxes on all their income. Good idea [...]