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Scapegoating Apple

Last week I wrote about The Senate vs Apple, my take on the what can best be described as a circus event in which Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO was questioned by the senate for a nearly three hours regarding Apple’s tax bill. I promised to dig a bit deeper and come back with more. Sometimes [...]

A Mega Potato Round Up

It’s that time of year again, graduation time. And that’s why today’s round up starts with The Most Important Piece of Financial Advice for College Graduates. I’m not going to spoil the punchline, but I will say, I agree with the article’s advise, and college grad or not, you’ll be a bit wiser for reading [...]

The Senate vs Apple

There are times that truth to me is stranger than fiction. Earlier today, I saw Tim Cook questioned by multiple senators regarding the US taxes Apple pays. A brief disclaimer, I happen to be an Apple fan, but I’d feel no different if the CEO of any other large company were called to testify.  And [...]

Frugal Friday Week 36

I miss Frugal Fridays. The last one was Frugal Friday Week 35  and it was published nearly three years ago. I’d like to bring back the concept with a mix of observations, finds, and general approaches to frugality. A few weeks ago I was looking for a cable to connect an iPad. Not the current [...]

The New False Idol?

This week, skipping a political cartoon in favor of what some say “will do more to help the economy than QE3.” We’ll see. I’m still waiting on the 7″ iPad, was hoping it would be introduced this week.

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