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Tips for Financing your First Car

Today, a guest post from Crystal - Buying your first car is a major milestone, but it's also a significant purchase that can have long-lasting financial repercussions. You'll want to choose a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget, both in the short and long term. For first-time buyers, navigating the ins and outs of [...]

10 Cities With Most Expensive Auto Insurance rates

A Guest Post today from my friend Crystal - No-fault states often require that people purchase much more auto insurance than tort states, so it’s not a surprise that nine of the ten cities with the most expensive auto insurance rates are in two no-fault states. The following 10 cities have higher auto insurance rates [...]

7 of Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

A guest post by Nick Simpson - Car insurance isn’t just something that’s nice to have; it’s required by each of the 50 states if you want to operate a motor vehicle. For some, car insurance is a necessary evil; it’s an added expense on top of already-tight budgets. Other people recognize the value and [...]