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Barack Obama in Cairo

Our President offered the Muslim world an olive branch in a speech he gave in Cairo last week. Here, I offer a Wordle of the text of that speech, I continue to be fascinated by this image, which is created by analyzing a text document and adjusting the size of a given word for how [...]

Ben and Jerry say “Vote”

Putting their ice cream where their voting machine is, Ben and Jerry are offering free scoops for voters this Tuesday;

Sen John Barrasso Innumeracy

I received enough email asking why I picked on Obama for what may have been a slip of the tongue regarding distribution of income gains. I think that our elected officials, whoever they are, need to speak with precision and when it comes to numbers, be close enough to exhibit an understanding of what they [...]

Obama Innumeracy

From an interview with Barack Obama aired on CNBC tonight; “We know that over the last decade or so that more than half the economic growth has been captured by the top 1% of US citizens. That means the other 99% have seen their effective incomes go down. That is not a recipe for long [...]