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An Olympian Finance Roundup

No, I’m not writing about the games, I decided I like the summer games a bit better anyway. But, with less regular TV, I has a great week of blog reading. So, let’s get going…. Trent at The Simple Dollar talked about When Living Cheap Catches Up With You. An interesting discussion of what happens [...]

Estate Planning 101

In another guest post on Good Financial Cents, today I offer the first of a two part article on Estate Planning. In today’s installment, I discuss Wills, Beneficiaries, and Probate. Whatever your age, good estate planning is something you shouldn’t avoid, it’s the right thing to do to protect your family as well as the [...]

A Financial Goodbye

A few weeks ago Mrs. Micah published a post discussing the financial list that you should create for those who leave behind, titled How to Save and Store Critical Financial Information For Your Family. Ever since I read that I’ve been thinking about her post as well as my own On my death, please take [...]

Inheriting or Bequeathing an IRA

Some time back, I wrote a post called “On My Death, Please Take a Breath” about how one should wait before doing anything in haste financially after the passing of a loved one. I paid specific attention to the inheriting of an IRA, and received some feedback prompting a longer discussion. First, there are different [...]

401(k) vs IRA Deathmatch

I frequently field questions from people asking me to compare the use of a 401(k) account to an IRA, and I’ll discuss this a bit today. 401(k) No income limits to make deposits Company may offer matching up to some level (Usually) limited choice of investments Fees may be excessive $15,500 deposit limit ($20,500 if [...]

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