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The Feel of a Book

The news is out that Borders book store is no longer. As I consider this, I wonder if it’s a sign that books are going the way of the 8-track, cassette, LP, and VHS tape. Or is it an indication that book stored were meant to be independent stores, the neighborhood book store that still [...]

Start Over, Finish Rich

The book Start Over Finish Rich by David Back, is now available (one day only) as a free ebook download at WalletPop. Note: this is not a pirated copy, I received a mailing from David today announcing this promotion. A good way to start a Monday. This was good for the one day, I’ve removed [...]


I recently read Trade-Off, Why Some Things Catch On and Others Don’t, by Kevin Maney. This book surrounds one premise, that for a product to succeed against its competitors, it needs to excel in either Quality (fidelity) or Convenience. In a montage of one example after the next we are given pairs of products as [...]

Free; The Future of a Radical Price

I recently read a book titled Free, The Future of a Radical Price. In it, the author, Chris Anderson, shares with us a series of anecdotes to get his point across how free can actually be profitable for companies that support it as a business model. Let’s start with Monty Python. A few years ago, [...]