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How to Save Money with a Newborn

Babies are expensive. They go through a lot of diapers, baby wipes and clothes. These expenses can be a lot to handle for young parents or those that are already on a tight budget. You can be frugal and still enjoy life. Saving money is important, especially when you have a fast growing newborn that [...]

How to Save Money in Your Home This Winter

A guest Post From Crystal – As we move into winter, many people are concerned about how they will stretch their budget in order to cover the basics. So it pays to look into your options before the dark nights draw in. Switch to a Fixed-Rate Tariff News surfaced this week in relation to the [...]

A Government Shutdown Roundup

Given the recent events in Washington, it’s appropriate to start this week with Roger Wohlner’s Some Stock Market Perspective amid the Government Shutdown. Roger talks about the long term, and how short term bits of news or craziness in Washington get lost in the noise when we look at decades of data. Check out his [...]

An End Of Summer Roundup 2013

Let’s start this week’s roundup at Mighty Bargain Hunter’s blog. He posted Money Smart Guide’s scariest money mistake. It’s great to learn from someone else’s mistakes and avoid making your own. Next, Kristina at Dink’s Finance just saved me $10. In her Weekly roundup: Sugar Daddys, Apple and Unwinding for Free, she explained that the [...]

A Minimum Handout?

It seemed interesting timing that I caught this political cartoon soon after my article on the McDonald’s budget was written. For what it’s worth, I was in NY a couple weeks back and those asking for money are still happy to get a dollar bill.

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