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Four Major Reasons Why You Need a Developed Plan for Your eCommerce Business

Even if you have an online business, you should still develop a solid plan for it just as you would with a traditional brick-and-mortar company. Many people might feel as if this is an unnecessary step to take, but there are several key reasons why a business plan should be viewed as a requirement instead [...]

View Your Investments as you Would a Business

A Guest Post today – Treating your investments as anything less than a business is a mistake. Following advice of your broker isn’t always bad, but just like in business you should see a return on your investments and most brokers have interests that might not align with yours. If you have found yourself losing money, then [...]

Does Your Online Store Offer Too Many Shipping Options?

A Guest Post, of interest to my readers who run an online store or small business – During the process of running a small business, there are many different factors that must be taken in consideration when reviewing the way you do business. When you’re selling online, one of the factors that must be evaluated [...]


I recently read Trade-Off, Why Some Things Catch On and Others Don’t, by Kevin Maney. This book surrounds one premise, that for a product to succeed against its competitors, it needs to excel in either Quality (fidelity) or Convenience. In a montage of one example after the next we are given pairs of products as [...]

Mortgage 101

The debate continues about how the subprime mess occurred. Let me tell you how it would not have occurred: Maximum Loan to value: 80% any higher requires PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Debt ratio permitted: 28/36 – This means that one’s mortgage payment and property tax cannot exceed 28% of one’s gross monthly income and all [...]

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