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Still Hungry, Still Walking

A message from my friend, Stephanie – Hello JoeTaxpayer readers! I’m Stephanie, and I blog over at Graduated Learning.  For the past few years, Joe has been incredibly generous by donating to the Walk for Hunger, providing challenge funds toward my fundraising efforts.  It’s been great having that extra push to get family and friends [...]

We still need to Feed the People

I’m back today, but with a guest post from my favorite puppy, Scooter – It’s been a year since I guest posted Feed the People, and I’m sorry that I’m back this year. Sorry that there are still people in this country and within our state who still see this more often than they’d like: [...]

Feed the People!

Today, I have a special guest post from my dog, Scooter – When my family feeds me, I know I’m special. I don’t kid myself though, I know that there are people who go to bed hungry each night in this country. I know that if I were hungry and saw this, I’d be very [...]

A Bull*** Roundup

This week, let’s start the roundup with S*** is F***ed up and Bulls***. This not safe for work article (actually, just the full title is NSFW, the content is great) is by Sam at Financial Samurai. It’s taken from the signs many of those Occupying Wall Street are holding. Unfortunately the occupiers aren’t really good [...]

“Charity Doesn’t Solve Anything” According To Richest Man Alive

A guest post by Michael – Since my forum/blog is about credit card offers, that’s normally what you will see me writing about; superficial topics related to cash back, balance transfers, and the like. So when I have the opportunity to blog about something other than credit cards – and instead – a topic that [...]

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