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Frugal Friday Week 39

If you don’t know it, I am a Costco fan. As with anything, people love it, hate it, or don’t happen to have one nearby, and therefore, don’t care. Countless articles on what you save at Costco vs what you’d be better off buying elsewhere. Hint – know your unit pricing. That said, my daughter [...]

A Not So Socially Secure Roundup

Some weeks there seems to be a common theme, whether it’s kids, mortgages, spending, retirement etc. This week no one topic seemed to dominate my reading. So let’s start with Free From Broke’s Extreme Couponing: Do You Really Save or is it a Waste of Time? – I have my thought on this, in any [...]

Frugal Friday Week 10

In the past weeks, I’ve talked about tracking. Tracking your expenses every day to understand where you’re spending, down to the cent. And tracking individual items so over time you can understand the unit cost of the item, both the regular price as well as the best sale price you can discover. One tool I’ve [...]