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Paying your Credit Cards on Time?

I’ve written over the past months about the different factors that make up your credit score, and have referenced the site Credit Karma which provides a free scoring service that will help you monitor and improve your credit score. Today, let’s look at on time payments. This one is a no-brainer. It’s a highly weighted [...]

Impact of Credit Inquiries

I’ve written a number of articles on credit scoring, and the different components of the score including the Average Age of Your Credit Lines, the Amount of your Credit Utilization, and the Number of Cards you have. Today, let’s take a brief look at the impact of credit inquiries. Wow, Joe, a “C”? Yup, “C”. [...]

Paying Those Credit Cards on Time

Last year, I published a brief article Your Credit Score, in which I described the different components that make up your Fico Score.  Since then, we’ve reviewed Age of Open Credit Lines, Number of Open Accounts, and Credit Utilization. Today, let’s talk for a moment about on-time payments. This one should be obvious to you. [...]

How Many Cards are You Carrying?

I thought it a good idea to continue the series on your credit score, started with Too Little Debt, and then How Old is Your Credit Card? Today, let’s look at my score (provided by Credit Karma) for total number of accounts. Well, I got an A, which is cool, even though I’ve canceled a [...]

How Old is Your Credit Card?

Last month I posted Too Little Debt, in which I discussed how a zero balance credit card bill is actually a negative to your credit score. Today, I’d like to offer another aspect of your credit score – the Average Age of Open Credit Lines. Here, longer is better. This is one criteria that I [...]

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