Aug 02

A few weeks back, I published “Evernote on the iPad”, in which I described a method to let you capture links or webs pages to Evernote on the iPad, as I saw no “save to Evernote” option. A fellow iPad fan set me straight, there’s a better way, much better in fact. Let’s start by going to the Evernote application,

Check the box to use the Safari clipper plugin. Next, you are looking at the top of the screen when the iPad is plugged in and ready to sync. Go to the info tab, and be sure that Sync Safari Bookmarks is checked.
Last – I love Evernote. I have a few screens full of apps, but if I had to choose, this is the killer app. This is the missing link right here. The bookmarklet needed to put “add to Evernote” on your Safari menu bar. When you go to that menubar on Safari (or Firefox, for that matter) bookmarks shown are simply that, bookmarks as we know them. But, there’s now a new breed of bookmarklets which are little javascript applications and do more than just take you to a web address. Open Safari on your desktop, and drag this image to your linkbar:

    Clip to Evernote

You should now see a link that says “clip to Evernote on the linkbar. Almost done. Now, sync your iPad.

You now will see that bookmarklet appear along with any other links on your Safari linkbar. If you use the Bookmarking site Delicious or other sites that use these bookmarklets, this process will set you up to use them on your iPad. All but the Yahoo link are this type of bookmarklet.

I hope you find this useful. Let me know if you you use any of these features.


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Sep 14

When I first heard about the website (yes, it was a clever domain name with ‘icio’ as the registered name within the top level .us) I looked a bit, and it seemed interesting, a way to track my bookmarks independent of what computer I’m on. But, until I started my blog, I didn’t think I’d use the site on a regular basis. Now that I rediscovered Delicious (they got the domain registered now) and found it would be a convenient way to share other sites I find interesting without the need to do a separate post or continue to add to a blogroll.

I have added two menu boxes; to the left one tracking links to sites relevant to the 2008 election, including a link to the latest Rasmussen Poll data. To the right, I added access to the latest links of financial articles I’ve recently enjoyed.


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